Confusion: What use does it serve?

Benjamin Forney – adapted from one of my posts elsewhere. Confusion is a defense mechanism your mind uses to guard itself against frivolous changes. When you think you “know” something, and something in the world pops up that seems to defy your understanding, your mind’s default response is confusion. Your mind does not want to […]


Get Rich, Eat Salad. 3 Tips That Might Make You Mad…

I want to be healthy. I also want to be financially secure, because saying “rich” has a negative connotation, I think anyway. So how do you do this on a college budget? When the whole world is screaming YOLO and you are staying busy trying to keep up, how do you spend less money and […]

Feeling Nervous About New College Classes? 5 Tips to Help… 3

As I’m heading back into college on September 2nd, I find myself feeling a little nervous. My stomach turns as I think about all the work I will have to do again. My mind races thinking about how my professors will be, how I will start working out, and most importantly, when will I get […]


fall 2014 schedule and goals

Peter’s Fall 2014 College Schedule and Goals 4

Whelp, the results are in. Looks like I’m going to be a busy guy this school year. I’m financially cleared and have ordered all of my books. Classes start September 2nd, 2014 for me. Here’s my College Schedule! Legend: COURSE –  TITLE – DAYS – BEG TIME – END TIME ACC250 – Principles of Accounting […]

Buying College Textbooks Made My Head Explode! 1

As stressful as college already is, buying textbooks can make it a lot worse! I can be known to be a procrastinator from time to time. Not on important things, but little things, sure. This year was no different with textbooks. Yes, I guess they are not “little things” but I knew I could get […]

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What is TextBux and Why Students Should Care. 1

All college students have to buy college textbooks, why not earn some money back for it? is a price comparison website that searches the top textbook websites at once. Saving students time and money!  Also, offers students Cash Back for each textbook purchase.  Students can choose to keep their extra cash or donate […]

Why I Save My Money Online

I’m not rich. But someday I would like to not have to worry about money. Who wouldn’t right? So why shouldn’t I start saving my money now? Start young so I can become more wealthy faster. Faster than the college student next to me. Faster than my parents did. Why shouldn’t I “be the change I […]

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Earn Money By Shopping Online with Ebates 1

When I first heard I could earn money by shopping online I was interested. Who wouldn’t be? Times are tough and any little bit of cash back helps. With YOU can earn a percentage back AS CASH while you shop at your favorite stores! I wish someone would have told ME this years ago, so […]

30 Solid Home Businesses Under $500

You know what they say, “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”. Here are 30 sure-fire home businesses that you could start for under $500, relatively easily. I’ve collected this list through my own idea’s, the internet and an awesome sauce magazine I found at my local store […]

30 solid home businesses for $500 or less

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Bad work hours, but I made money!

“It’s Friday, the work schedule for next week comes out on Fridays.” “I hope I get more hours than I did last week,” I tell myself as I check my phone for the new schedule notification. Bzz. Ding! It’s here, the moment of truth. How many hours did I get? The suspense builds as I click […]